Getting ready for Wellfleet Oyster Fest! Oyster plates, fish platters, so much fun. . . September 30 2015

The sky is clear and the air is so crisp here in Wellfleet.  The most beautiful days of autumn. . . and all the way from the bay you can hear the buzz of the oystermen getting ready to sell their tasty "pearls" at the 2015 OysterFest, Saturday and Sunday Oct 17-18.

Yikes! Here on Briar Lane I am having a blast making BIG fish platters and oyster plates which I do this time of year in a kind of happy fever.  It is like magic turning mushy wet clay into a colorful piece of pottery with the help of water and fire.  No, as you have asked, I do not use clay from Newcomb Hollow Beach out of respect for my great great great grandfather Benjamin Oliver Newcomb who saved the drowning crew of the Brig Yillica in 1851 in the cold waters of December. (The state named the beach after him for his bravery).  That's another long story.  So I leave the clay in peace at the beach and here I am mucking about with a different very fine clay making wares for our wonderful Wellfleet Oyster Fest.


This is the fish platter before:

And after:

Size on the internet is weird because the fish platter looks like it is floating.  The platter measures 21 inches from nose to tip of tail so you can serve a wonderful and large piece of BLUEFISH on the blue platter! Share colorful memories with friends and family this autumn with beautiful items from this collection of handmade pottery.  We will have a booth set up at OysterFest again this year - stop by to choose your favorite piece of pottery to take home!



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