Ceramic garden ornaments and upcoming jewelry workshop. FUN FUN FUN July 23 2017

This is a ceramic garden stake for my tomato plants in my beautiful Wellfleet garden.  His name is "Smok'in Tomato Face."

I have been having a total blast creating things out of clay for my wonderful vegetable and flower garden.  Oh yes. Stop by at 79 Briar Lane and look over the white fence to meet him! 
"SnakeCat" and "Catmama" guard the garden.  Below is

"Blue-in-the-face-from Laughing."

I made a birdhouse with ceramic cats all over it (ha) and each week I make something new out clay for the garden. 

Something about Wellfleet in the summer gets my creative brain going full speed ahead.  Perhaps it is the exquisite light and air, and definitely the feeling of knowing the sea is so close. . .

I made these funky garden mushrooms too which I also put on sale at the Newcomb Hollow Shop.  I am a hack gardener and don't know expert stuff about gardening but I went to four flower shows this year (selling pottery and jewelry) and I learned that gardeners love garden mushrooms.  They are so silly but so much fun to put in a garden.

Creative:   What does it really mean?  People walk into my shop all the time and say things like, "I wish I was creative. . ."  And I say. . .everyone is creative.  If you dream, and have a subconscious, you can find a way to open those doors and tap into your own unique creative force.  Seriously, I have taught art to many people, Skidmore College (briefly), Pratt Art Institute, The York Street Jail in Massachusetts, and a zillion workshops and this I am certain of:  Everyone, anyone, can find their own unique creative voice and make art.

I am going to start next Wednesday - July 26, a workshop for artists and ESPECIALLY people who have zero art background.

DROP IN WORKSHOP:   make your own earrings or necklace   FUN FUN FUN

Check it out.  Just drop in and I will teach you everything you need to know. . .starts 10am at the Newcomb Hollow Shop and just drop in anytime.