Holidays are here? Yessirree and Kitty Cat Yarn bowls are in demand! December 11 2016

Happy Holidays!  Happy New Year Everyone!

. . .So these are the Kitty Cat yarn bowls when they were just been glazed before I loaded them in the kiln, and yes they are upside down because that is how I felt just before I loaded 40 of them in the kiln last night.  Santa Judy is VERY busy making Kitty Cat yarn bowls for Amazon. . .YIKES.  This morning they came out of the kiln beautifully - a great firing!

And this is my studio assistant, Miss Meggie the Cat who just finished inspecting them before we ship to Amazon.

I have to say this is a fun time of year for me, getting ready for Xmas holidays.  All these yarn bowls go out there somewhere in the world and make somebody happy, some knitter somewhere. . .I even got a lovely thank you note for a 92 year old knitter who loved the colors.  The holiday crunch is something I have been doing for over 30 years and it is still fun and an exciting time.  It is 9:48pm and I am going down to my studio tonight to make some more!  I'll have a cup of British tea first, of course... Me, Miss Meggie, and my old radio. . .Come and visit us!